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‘The Core Project’ is an ongoing, multifaceted project by artist & filmmaker Matthew Nevin of MART.  Started in 2010, this ambitious project features 206 videos: one person from each sovereign state in the world, filming themselves answering the previously unseen question.

Participants set up a camera, hit record, read the question and have two minutes to respond. By removing the participant’s ability to prepare, the footage produces a series of natural and behavioural nuances within an international cultural context.

The Core Project exposes participants’ choice in a visual manner and practice of participation, along with a series of complex personal, social and political responses. The project successfully engages citizens of the world in a global cultural experiment that serves to highlight the diversity and complexity of humanity; opening a door of conversation between individuals from all corners of the earth.

By exploring the thoughts of a select number of citizens of Earth the project ultimately focuses on personal intervention, engagement and critique of our dominant political and economic issues within our global society, allowing the audience to directly connect with relatable narratives and journeys.

By highlighting how diverse and complex every nation is, the project presents an open door to international cultures and actively gives a glimpse and insight to each and every sovereign state. In essence forming a periodic archive of a an international group of individuals focusing on intervention, participation, engagement and critique of various personal and relatable responses on key political and societal situations.

The project becomes a platform for activism; motivated by political participation and spectatorship, through transnational dialogues, it allows the connection of an international audience across societies, cultures and international borders. While focusing on the role of individual voices in a crowded globalized digital world, it also questions the ‘power’ individuals hold to represent their country, and what role do countries/boundaries play in our increasingly interconnected societies. Addressing key issues of personal, local, global, societal, cultural, political futures.

Check out the Participant Videos & MAP to watch all submitted videos. 

However do not watch any videos if you wish to participate in the project as they repeat the question!

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Participation & Engagement

The project investigates each participant’s cultural, verbal and physical response of an unknown question. By engaging citizens of the world in a global experiment, it highlights how diverse and complex every nation is on this planet. Its online presence allows it to have an open door to viewers from all corners of the earth and actively give a glimpse and insight to each and every sovereign state.

The project is an artistic endeavour which archives a group of international individuals, while focusing on intervention, participation, engagement and critique of various personal, political and societal situations. By breaking down barriers commonly constructed by gallery walls, the project opens its participation and engagement beyond an art public and into an international audience through its sculptural, video and web iterations.

The sharing of responses through opinions and thoughts allows its participants to become not just subjects but in this case sub-artists. As the project moves away from singular spectatorship and towards a form of activation and a collective creation process.

The Core Project provides an inclusive opportunity for both creator and spectators to understand the accessibility of digital public space, while it presents new challenges to both artists and curators within the public sphere.  Through its online platform the project can provide a platform for activism; motivated by political participation and spectatorship, through transnational exchanges.

The Core Project acts as a creative political force, influencing and creating new social responsibilities, contextualized by using connectivity to assert its cause. Referencing Joseph Beuy’s term social sculpture, the project aims to outline art’s ability to transform society. Beuys believed art is capable of dismantling the negative paradigms in our social systems, therefore the project’s ultimate goal is to become a successful technological art endeavour that challenges society’s’ perception of creativity and the power of its political agency.

Website:  June 2017

The Website is an online database of all the videos, an interactive global map running all videos and information on the participants and project.

Installation: RUA RED,  August 2017

  • A large scale installation projecting 200+ videos.
  • All videos will play on a loop with one video’s sound playing on rotation.

Documentary: 2018/19 

This documentary will be an edited version of all videos, the 400 minutes of raw footage gathered from the participants will be cut down to an experimental 60-90 minute documentary.